City Hall



Garbage pickup begins every morning at 6:00 a.m. However, if a holiday falls on aย weekday, your trash will be picked up the following day. Please place containersย curbside with handle facing street.

Bulk trash pick up is provided to all sanitation customers. We pick up furniture andย appliances such as sofas, chairs, washers and dryers. Small, dead animals will also beย picked up if they are wrapped or bagged and placed on the curb.

Dry trash is picked up every Thursday. Dry trash includes leaves, tree limbs, householdย goods, and appliances. We do not accept rocks, logs, tree stumps, lumber, concrete or asphalt. Tree leaves do not have to be bagged and tires will be picked up for anย additional fee. Please place your dry trash on the side of the road by 6:00 a.m. onย Thursdays. Make sure you do not place pickup items under power lines, as this isย hazardous to employees.

The following items will be picked up at an additional cost:

Car tires ย  $5.00

Large tires ย  ย $13.00

Farm tires ย  ย $25.00

Rims ย  ย $3.00

If your trash it not picked up, you will be notified as to why using theย Public Worksย Service Form [LINK UNDERLINED TO: PDF OF FORM].