City Hall


The land where Walthourville now stands was originally called Sand Hills. It was renamed as Walthourville in 1800 after the “first settler,” Andrew Walthour. Mr. Walthour was a revolutionary soldier and a physician that established a home and plantation in the area around 1795. Walthourville grew when Mr. Walthour donated some of his land to create a union house of worship that had many uses, including an academy, in 1820.

Andrew Walthour was married to Ann Hophmire and they had two daughters and one son. Mr. Walthour passed away in 1824 at the age of 82. He was originally buried in the Midway Cemetery, but after the death of his wife he was moved to her side at the Walthourville Presbyterian Church.

By 1844, Walthourville became one of the most prosperous cities in South Georgia with a population of 700. In 1855 Walthourville grew to be one of the largest and most flourishing villages in Liberty County.

The city has only had five previous mayors, and we are proud to celebrate these individuals:

  1. The first mayor, Mrs. Lyndol Anderson, was the first female mayor in Georgia.
  2. The second mayor, Mrs. Carrie Kent, was the first African American female mayor in Georgia.
  3. The third mayor, Reverend Henry Frasier, Sr., was the first African American male elected in Walthourville.
  4. The fourth mayor, Mrs. Daisy S. Pray who served two terms.
  5. The fifth mayor, Mr. Larry D. Baker, who served from 2020 - 2024.

Some other notable residents of Walthourville include:

  1. Mrs. Celia Davis and Mrs. Hubert, two members of the all female Council elected in 1972 when Walthourville was incorporated as a city.
  2. Mr. Robert Walthour, a descendent of Andrew Walthour and two time World Champion cyclist.
  3. Mr. Raymond Roberts Blake, an accomplished Bradwell Institute alumni and Georgia Tech football player.
  4. Mr. Ralph Waldo Quarterman, the organizer of the Liberty County Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in 1952.

Mayor Daisy S. Pray who continued the work of the first three mayors and their councils, expanded the sewer system citywide, installed traffic safety and relief measures. Mayor Pray added street lights, started a neighborhood watch program, implemented a senior citizen group, created a police department, paved roads, and built a new city hall. In January 2011, the City of Walthourville was recognized by the Georgia Municipal Association as Certified City of Ethics. These actions and this recognition truly exemplify our slogan, “Always Moving, While Improving.”

The present mayor is Mayor Sarah B. Hayes.